PantherX System Developer Team

Open technologies that drive business

fully integrated solutions based on open source technology


C, C++, Qt5

Desktop application development

We develop fast, responsive, multi-platform desktop applications that run with few resources: From highly integrated, AI-supported, enterprise desktop environment to KYC systems.


React Native

Mobile application development

Our mobile app development efforts focus on supporting tools for our desktop and web applications, like authentication and signing systems with support for OpenID Connect, CIBA, SSO.


Express and Vue

Web development

The web apps we develop are usually administrative tools for desktop or server solutions that require easy, remote maintenance. This includes both user and infrastructure management.


C++, Python


We very much rely on various blockchain to run our business: Solutions we provide focus on useful integration of existing, open source blockchain to support business processes.

Franz G. JS/TS/Go/Python

Reza A. C/C++/JS/TS

Hamzeh N. C++/QT/Python

Fakhri S. C++/QT/Python

Pavel S. C/C++/QT

Experienced, diverse Team

with System Development Background

We are a experienced team of developers and system engineers. Our primary focus is the development of the PantherX operating system (PantherX OS), a open source Linux distribution with a innovative package management system, and instant roll-back capabilities.

We regularly accept challenging projects in order to subsidize the development of our operating system. If you're interested in working with us, reach out with your project requirements.

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Please include a description of your goals for us to better understand your requirements and whether we are a good fit for your project.

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